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The fun of free

The fun of free

How many of us will spend an hour for 100 free bonus clicks?

Yet we could buy 100 clicks for ????

I really did enjoy winning my free traffic pod at . And I did keep up with the traffic pods for a while.

There is also something fun about something new Joining was the most fun I've had since joining

A little bummed I can't plug Erik's new URL into

Put into rotation although I really want to plug

Hopefully I haven't plugged anyware that doesn't like pop ups.

I'm having fun giving out free traffic credits. [Editing in should be earning free credits and giving out free chances to win the lotto]

And I know I"ve been a posting pig here. [oops the dangers of cut and paste. Posting pig at cuz Jeff has paid for some buss opp traffic and I'm enjoying the experiment which I'm a taging along for FREE]

My cookies got deleted on the computer so I'm having trouble getting onto forums with unique passwords.

Last night I went to reblow up some helium ballowns. And the place did it no charge!!!!

Kind of cool not to have to pay!!!

And I got a free sub at subway. The mailed the coupon to me. Didn't even have to buy a drink!!!!
PS Z1212 is actually my son's ID I'm Z4941

Which MLM would Ted Nugent be most likely to join
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