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Prayer Request 07 March 2006. Please help Mr Ziel recieve restoritive justice from PVYSC

Prayer Request 07 March 2006. Please help Mr Ziel recieve restoritive justice from PVYSC

Dear Lord God and all who read this please help me recieve restoritive justice from the Plate Valley Youth Service Center that treated me unethically.

Perhpas the reason God let me have my sleep harmed was
because of how early we woke the kids up.

Is it ethical waking kids up at 5AM in the morning? Though some supervisors would not let us wake them up this early I tended to wake them up as early as was permitted. The supervisors comming in next always wanted them ready to eat. One of the reasons I did last 8 years is that I put safety as a priority.
Some of them are social service holds and have no
criminal charges.

I had my knee healed once. Didn't expect it to be
instantly healed by the name of Jesus but it was. Well, perhpas it was in the name of the Holy Spirt? Don't remember the exact words Jeff Crabtree prayed. But I do remember he was as suprized as I was when my knee got all hot and was healed instantly.

I don't know why God healed my knee but not my sleep.

The below was written in the middle of the night when
I should have been sleeping. Or did God let my sleep
be harmed for a reason?

Please help me to get them to be ethical and undo the
harm they have done to me and my family!!!!! Please forgive me if this E-mail is wrong as we are to speak evil of no one. I know that vengence is the Lords; but, I can't help but think perhaps the reason this happend is that perhpas I am to help undo the unjustice I have come to learn about the work man's comp system. Yes, this goes counter to trusting in the Lord with all my heart and not leaning unto my own understanding.

Chanel 7 news documented some of their unethics.

I have a moral responsibility to let the world know
that they are unethical.

They harmed my physical health and then lied about it by disputing my valid work comp claim.

Instead of helping me fix my sleep they harassed me
for getting ill in January of 2005. I let them harass
me into driving when I should not have and put the
greater public at risk. Yes, innocent people could
have died because of the unethical staffing patterns
of PVYSC!!!!!

Our work man's comp system in Colorado is wores then a joke. Jokes are funny and our work man's comp system is stacked againt the worker. Had I had a real appeal based on medical fact instead of a kangaroo court that just backed the unethically biased against me postion of the work comp PA then PVYSC would have been requried to be ethical. The mental health expert I saw on my own dime said that he couldn't tell if I was harmed by work with just one visit. How could the PA make such a determination so fast?

Please help me reform the work comp system. I hope this can be done by exposing how unethically they treated me.

If they were ethical they would have helped fixed my sleep instead of slandering me.
Right now I should be sleeping; but, due to their
unethics and refusing to give me restoritive justice I
am desperately sending this E-mail to strangers.

Please help me to get my sleep fixed!!!!!!!!!!

PVYSC is worse then the fig tree Jesus cursed. Did
that fig tree actually harm people?

Please be ethical and forward this E-mail to ethical
people who will helpe me to get PVYSC to be ethical.

I would have been better off getting shot on the job
then haveing my sleep harmed. This would have been
more of a clean cut work comp case.

I am a ethical and honest person. I was a boy Scout
who promiced to do his best for God and his Country.
And to do my best [Romans 8:26 was a verse I read instead of the more often quoted 8:28 my local ministor recogmended that I read]I must expose evil and unethics!!!!

PVYSC is unethical and anyone who says other wise is
either uninformed or a lier. I know of their unethics
first hand. And if it were just me that was the
victim perhaps I could let it slide. But when my son
wakes up he will only have a shell of the dad he
should have because PVYSC is unethical in that they
further harmed my sleep instead of helping as I
ethically requested.

Please help me recieve my restoritive justice. Please
forward this E-mail to ethical people who love
justice. "Injustice anywhere is a thread to justice everywhere." Martin Luther King Jr. was a more orginal version of this E-mail.

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