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aargh, now look what you've done...

...fav quote from Hitchhiker's 4 book Trilogy. "you've gone and killed me again"

What the heck is a 'runboard' I wondered as I wandered Sassy's forum looking to add to your "funniest thing I saw online today" post (which I guess isn't on that one!), so came over here to take a peek. Often 'steal' the book title when posting my "interests" ("Life, The Universe, and Everything Else" worked once in offline life.."hey that's a title of a book....") (may just copy this post to my blog!)

So had to join runboard to tell you about this small coincidence. What I noticed secondly was the word "Karma", picked it out of the air to name my new charms blog, seemed to fit.

Off topic, wondered if you have a banner? Starting a "My Friends Sites" list on a website, and like banners. If you don't have one, know where you can easily create one free. I could "host" it for you on my site. (they only host it for one day).

So let me know. "crazy mary"
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Re: aargh, now look what you've done...

Don't have a bannar for this website but I did pay the $25 one time fee to have a bannar for my son's Lotto Magic position.

Being more websurf then webmaster I don't have it at this time.

Well I should be promoting the bannar so I'll endevor to figure it out.

I was a little disapointed with the movie. Found the TV series quite humorus.

Also have several of the books.

Thanks for visiting my humble little forum. Jeff also visited but had problems registering.

Which MLM would Ted Nugent be most likely to join
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